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About SRS Mobile Development Solutions

Nowadays the Internet is accessible from nearly all modern cell phones, Smartphones, or PDAs. It is predicted that the popularity of such mobile devices will significantly increase in the future.

Unfortunately, many websites aren't rendered with the small resolution of a mobile device in mind. Our mobile development services create an easy to navigate and accessible mobile version of your website.


More Exposure
As social community websites gain in popularity, allowing mobile access will become essential.

Impress Customers
Not many websites render well on mobile devices. By having one of the few sites that does, your business will be on the cutting edge of technology and you'll build a reputation for being in-step with technological advancements.

How Do We Create Value?

W3C Standards

We follow the CSS standards for mobile devices to ensure maximum accessibility.


We develop the mobile version of your website with the average connection speed of mobile users in mind.


The resolution on most mobile devices is rather low, therefore, the screen has to be used in the best possible way.

The best things in small packages — When people are on the move, you want to be on the move with them. A mobile version of your website lets you and your business go where the people go.